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13 January 2006 @ 04:36 pm
The Echelon Army Chat  
Hello folks,

thought it's time to post something again :P

Anyway, this is concerning the chat. We have all been using IRC so far and for all of us the trial version will expire in a few days. While I'm sure it still continued working when I used it years ago, I can't say for sure now. It might be that in 7 or 6 days, the trial versions will stop working and we won't be able to use the room anymore.

Though newvilya (also known as KittyCat :P) has suggested to use the IRC function the Trillian software offers (which would be one solution) I thought it might be a bit complicated to some of you technophobes around here ;) and also I wanted to come up with other solutions as well.

Several messengers like Yahoo!Messenger or MSN enable us to use group chats. I know that several people already use one of them, so my idea would be to instead settle for one of those to be able to continue talking at nights.


What do you want to use for the Echelon Army Chat?

Yahoo Messenger
continue IRC by using Trillian (and someone tell us how!)
I have another idea (answer in comment)

Tell me your opinion and let us come up with something new.

I'd also like to invite those that haven't been around in the chat yet to come and join us, we're having loads of sex fun ;)

Stay tuned for Chatroom updates.
Provehito in Altum

Aurinkoni: Shan10 tongue by seasidhaurinkoni on January 13th, 2006 05:24 pm (UTC)
The kitten voted for Yahoo because she doesn't have MSN ;)
IRC would also be fine by me, maybe your trial versions will still work.